About The Film

At its core, Frio will be a 40 minute surf film but more than that it will be a documentary about the personal transcendence of two avid, prodigy surfers, Kevin Cortez and Jackson Obando. The two kind-hearted young men hail from (the ironically named small town of) Gigante, Nicaragua.

In 2014 JP Veillet (Director) left his home town of Montreal to escape the cold Canadian winter. His destination was relatively unknown but after months of travelling along the South American coast he eventually found himself at Playa Gigante, a tropical surfing paradise and fishing village with a population of no more than a few hundred.

After spending weeks surfing and bonding with the locals, JP couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to see someone like Kevin or Jackson out of their element, away from the warm sandy beaches of Nicaragua. Soon after, it came to him; he should take them on a surf trip they’d never forget, to the icy waters of BC, Canada.

On the coast of Vancouver Island lies the town of Tofino, a place that parallel’s Gigante in many ways; gnarly waves as well as an economy based on fishing and tourism. The goal of the film is to take Jackson and Kevin out of their comfort zone and follow them as they experience new firsts; flying in a plane, traveling to another country, enduring cold weather, having to wear a coat, standing (“surfing”) on snow, strapping on ice skates, and best of all, riding with full wetsuits.

We plan to take a different approach to a surf video, shedding light on culture shock from a rare perspective and exploring the challenges our two protagonists will face. The Canadian hospitality will be warm, the surfing will be hot and our two travellers will be Frio.